When All Else Fails…Snacks


Life within the past couple of weeks has pretty much handed everyone in the United States of America a reason to can’t. Life within this year of 2016, with it’s plot twists, fallen creative geniuses (Prince- it still hurts), shoddy politics and my own personal pitfalls (financial and emotional) is the reason why I believe everyone needs to practice some form of self-soothing ritual to get their mental well-being back on track.

There are way too many great original Netflix series, episodes of Game of Thrones to catch up on and good books within my possession for me to ever fall short of moments of bliss within my own Leo cave. No-vember has proven to be the time to cocoon myself with an extra layer for added protection from the crazies on social media, water-cooler convos at work and misinformed love interests who didn’t read the manual before trying to assemble me into their lives.



My aunt passed away at the end of last month and I never allowed myself to come to grips with the fact that someone I loved dearly was departing from me. I knew when I saw her in July- her body was deteriorating and she was refusing to fight. I tried to persuade myself that wouldn’t be my last time seeing her, but I knew it would be. I’m not emotionally prepared (who is) to watch someone die. So, I prayed for it to be as painless and for the ancestors to receive her with beauty and love so she knew her battle with cancer was not lost. It’s been a struggle to not beat myself up for not talking with her in her final moments. My grandfather is bedridden and although he is content with passing on he is very much coherent and alive, to an extent, since he fights off depression on a regular basis. Witnessing that is hard and he’s not even dying. My aunt was the first person who was close to me to pass on. My dad’s mother passed before I was born and his father when I was three; the memories of him keep him more alive than ever so I never felt great sorrow. Oh boy…do I know what that feels like now.


So, now that the elections are behind us and Thanksgiving is approaching, I have opportune time to indulge with my favorite snacks and shut out the world (except for when I go back for seconds and thirds on the holiday). My annual depression usually kicks in around this time (seasonal due to lack of sunlight- nothing major), so I’m right on cue to stock up on all of the things that please my pallet like the following:

  1. Garlic stuffed olives (Thank you Whole Paycheck Foods)
  2. Cookie Butter- I put that ish on EVERYthing (sweet not savory though).
  3. Popcorn- I prefer to pop mine over the stove and freak it with my Cajun, garlic parm or lemon pepper flavors)
  4. Salt & Pepper chips- I’m not saying the brand because y’all ain’t paying me!
  5. Apple Cider & Donuts from my most favorite place in the world– The Franklin Cider Mill
  6. Fresh loaf of artisan french bread & butter- I was a french dairy maid in my former life
  7. Brownies (of the medicinal variety)- cures seasonal depression
  8. Cottage cheese- the many wonders I can do with that lumpy substance that looks like cow jizz…horribly good!
  9. Simply Lemonade- to mix with the Bacardi…duh!
  10. Strawberry Lemonade cookies from the Cupcake Station- makes me wanna slap all the mamas!
  11. Garlic sharp cheddar cheese- I get it from a vendor at the Eastern Market and baby…add grapes & crackers and I’m in heaven!!!
  12. Blaze Pizza- for the days when I want an actual meal. It’s like the Chipotle for pizza and the dough is thin (how I like it) and I can add all the toppings without extra charges. God has smiled on meeeee!
  13. Chick-Fil-A- I thank God for the new location and even more for the app where I can order ahead. *insert praise hands emoji*


And there you have it. All the makings of a wonderful end to my No-vember, right before the stress of Christmas & New Years. Don’t come for me unless I send for you…and I’m only doing that for snacks. Be easy, love on yourselves and push forward. 2017 is coming and I promise you, I declare and decree that it will be much better. Prepare now to be able to receive and enjoy all of it’s goodness. This year was hard on us so we deserve the gluttony.


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