Tha Kang of R&B: ‘The Bobby Brown Story’, Part One Recap

If you don’t know anything else about LiLi (yes she’s talking in third person), you should definitely know that her undying love for Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston is unshakable. She has deleted friends off of Facebook posts for slandering “The Voice” and “Tha Kang of R&B”. Don’t play with her spiritual auntie & uncle unless you want to catch hands or a rigorous keyboard stroke-full of Facebook fade, okay? Cool.

There’s no debating their life was chock full of addiction and controversy in the public eye. Although there is absolutely nothing funny about drug abuse, they made that shit comedy gold! If you never got a chance to see any episode of “Being Bobby Brown” back in the summer of 2005 then I am ashamed for you. It revealed that aside from their struggles of being (fallen) superstars and drug addicts, they were human AF. Their human experience as The Browns was a roller coaster ride but they were everyday people, deep down on the inside. LiLi was born a fan of their music and union but seeing them on that show through their ups and downs made them her family. Okay, I’m officially done with the third person extra-ness.

Watching part one of ‘The Bobby Brown Story’ on BET revealed a few things I was not privy too. I completely forgot Bobby wrote a book, but I definitely dropped that in my kindle app after last night’s premiere. Note: this post has spoilers so if you haven’t seen part one yet, be mad at ya mama, not me. I am going to run down a list of things that stood out to me.

Bobby carried a lot of pain due to deaths starting at an early age. The movie began with the loss of his grandmother. I’m assuming he had just returned from her funeral, since the young star was dressed in a suit. To witness your friend get killed on the same day of your “number one fan”‘s funeral was a LOT. Not to mention him being present when his other friend was killed in the car next to him or the death of his ex-wife and daughter. God bless him.

They did not give us the full depth of music re-creation like they did in the New Edition Story. I don’t feel like I’m wrong for expecting this because they went IN for everyone’s music, especially the re-enactment of Bobby’s cold ass video for “Every Little Step”! Out of the entire discography gold that is Bobby Brown music, the only videos they gave us were (a piece of) “Girlfriend” and “My Prerogative” with snippets of the making of “Rock With You”, “On Our Own” from Ghostbusters II Soundtrack, a concert performance of “Roni” and a studio excerpt of “Get Away” from the Bobby album. By the time they got to the Bobby Album I realized we weren’t going to get anymore of the music for part two, unless they’re going to re-create “Something In Common”, my beloved duet from Bobby & Whitney. I was expecting so much more for some reason.

“I see nothing wrong with spreading myself around…” was a MOOD and a MOTTO for the kid (gotdamn Aquarius). We already know that because he has a basketball team of children (RIP Bobbi Kristina). I did not know that he and Janet Jackson were legit creepin’. I honestly thought it would be depicted as a fling but those who read the book said more details were left out (like him kicking her out of his hotel room). I didn’t know feelings were involved or that Joe Jackson had a hold on Ms. Control, herself, like that.

The Whitney -vs- The Baby Mama scene was sheer Leo Queen UNBOTHEREDNESS and I don’t believe for ONE SECOND any of that was fabricated! It’s almost painful how much of myself I see in an actress depicting one of the greatest shade queens to ever walk this planet!

I actually wanted them to add in a fight or two between Bobby and Robyn. Rumor has it they actually threw hands at one (or several) time, so I was anticipating the bedroom scene about “ol boy can cook” to get gully as hell. I’m sure Bobby was not proud of getting into it with her but from what I gathered, he was over her disrespect. And I’m sure Robyn was tired of being played as second-fiddle when she was there for Whitney in numerous ways before Bobby came along.  Either way, we all know the real reason why Bobby couldn’t stand Robyn (and if you don’t know I suggest you watch the documentary the family released this summer). The way I see it, that Leo was living her best life with two people fighting for her affection. Then again, maybe not?

More than anything, part one gave us an insight on how his formative years were to blame for a lot of the emotional pain he masked with drugs and sex. To find out that your soon-to-be-in-less-than-an-hour wife has a cocaine problem was comforting to him and his wedding jitters just screamed that he lived for dysfunction. Also, it could have been that he found comfort in seeing someone who was highly regarded in the public eye, despite him being seen as a trash bag who didn’t deserve her, being just as broken and flawed as him. They were the cure to each other’s insecurities but also enablers of coping mechanisms they didn’t have the strength to fight against together.

As much as The Houston Family tried to initially paint Bobby as the main source of Whitney’s issues, I always knew better. I’m glad Bobby was able to pull himself together to remain with us and share his story because a lot of those near and dear to his heart cannot say the same.

Are you ready for part two tonight? It’s going to be heavy so have your tissues and brown liquor handy for Tha Kang!

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