#TBT When The Music LIVES In You…You Don’t Need No Music

I live for R&B artists who were poppin’ before I knew how to hold my own bottle. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era- all of the GREAT music that I’d like to groove to in the clubs came out before I was of club age. The beautiful thing about music is that it is timeless, and if its good music then it’s classic and won’t ever stop getting played.

While my peers were jumping into hip- hop during it’s budding years, I was studying soul music of our musical ancestors (thanks pops). I didn’t know NAN about what the lyrics meant or the emotions they sung with such raw conviction but it struck chords in my soul like I wrote the lyrics! Drunk Auntie has her own playlist and nothing from the 90’s on up is included. It’s music that defined our #blackmagic from folks who were oppressed in everyday life but kept the beautiful and artistic expression of their soul. It was music with purpose and passion, ranging from Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” to Rick James “Super Freak”.

More than anything, I love watching YouTube videos of old school music videos and live performances because it’s rare to see the same type of artistry with today’s artists. A while ago I was at friend’s house chillin’ and we engaged in our favorite pastime of talking about old school music and watching videos. He mentioned then proceeded to play a performance of Stephanie Mills that blew me all the way out of the water!

Here are key points that caused me to share this video with you today:

  1. I want to believe Motha Stephanie said to herself “If the track wanna act funky and attempt to mess up MY performance, it’s gon’ learn TUHDAY!” 
  2. By the time Ms. Mills got to the second verse she was in her groove!
  3. At the 2:40 mark she proclaims “we don’t need no music!” then proceeds to get down with her stank face. I LIVE!
  4. The background singers were up there holding everything together so that adds fact to number 3. SING Y’ALL!
  5. The sound man and the cd/track were non-muhfuggin factors to her performance. Ms. Mills sang true to tone and served in spite of technical issues (and IMO the show should goes on regardless)!

Although this performance was in 2015, it’s still considered a throwback and the single came out in 1979. However, Ms. Stephanie got up on that stage and sang the mess out of that song like it was her latest single! I love it!

Do you have favorite old school videos or performances that you love to watch? Share ’em with ya girl! Xoxo

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