Unsung: Kelly Price’s Priceless Vocals & Pen

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Allow me to be frank when it comes to Kelly Price: after watching her pompous attitude on R&B Divas I was o-v-e-r her which wasn’t hard to do because I hadn’t checked for a Kelly Price record since this episode of Unsung premiered. And it’s sad because as a black women in entertainment you would think that I would want to celebrate her and not start this post about her presence on reality television. However, she had a sense of entitlement above the other ladies that I didn’t care for. Every other phrase was “I’m booked! I’m booked!” And it was just too much.


Even when her last single debuted “It’s My Time”, I remember writing a Facebook status about how my ears grew eyes and rolled them at her song because that show made me not even want to hear her name spoken again. And I’m sure she strategically told the producers of Unsung to not talk about that period of her life but they had a lil’ bit of footage and photos. However, Ms. Price didn’t explain her position as to why she was such a professional beeyotch but honestly no explanation would have swayed me. Her music, however did the work. Ms. “Mo Money Mo Problems” was granted several passes because A) she removed herself from the show after the first season (smart move) and B) she had some bonefide hits and collaborations that are fckwitable and C) she’s the uber talented, golden lyrical pen-slayin’, sing the paint AND the wallpaper off the walls, muhfuh Kelly Price! Here are some of my favorite highlights of her Unsung episode. Walk with me…

Friend of Mine Remix featuring R Kelly & Mr. Bigg– first of all let’s talk about how my childish ass always thinks of Ronald Isley aka Mr. Bigg’s musical persona as the black Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. But I luh me some Isley Brothers! Anyway… It was genius for Ronald Isley to sign Kelly to his label, and it was even more genius to record a remix featuring him and Kelz. R Kelly knows he can write a lyrical conversation and make it flow!

Isley: This is Mr. Biggs…

Kelz: How ya doin’ Mr. Biggs?

Isley: What the hell is going on?!

Kelz: What chu mean? What’s going wrong?

Isley: Kelly’s tellin’ me that you’re sleeping with another woman.

Kelz: Just because she see me with her doesn’t mean I’m sleepin’ with her!

Isley: Well, if you’re not sleepin’ with her, what the hell you doin’ with her?!

Kelz: Damn, I could be just talkin’ to her…

Isley: Or you could be just creepin’ with her! Now, son, man-to-man…we both know the game…

Kelz: Yeah but what’s that got to…

Isley: WAIT A MINUTE! And you know all about heartache and pain. This is my Goddaughter…

Kelly: I don’t want him no mo’!

Isley: And I’m just trying to protect her heart…

Kelly: Don’t waste ya time!

Isley: You may have been the moon to her, but to me she’s the star!

*Everybody sing* Why-eye-eye…why-eye-eye…[Kelly take dis phone] she was my best friend…you were my huuuuzban, yeah! Ooooohhh but I don’t want you no no no more!

You can’t tell me that wasn’t the cut!

“You Should’ve Told Me”– This song and video was empowerment for women across the board. I may be a slim goodie who can’t relate directly to the “you should’ve told me I wasn’t small enough” lyric out the gate, but I definitely sent up a hallelu and an amen-D when she sang “when you thought you had to lie why didn’t you come and tell me why…” The video was everything because Kelly was snatched to the gawds (even as I’m looking back damn near 16 years ago) and it showed her taking back her power and not giving a fuh about pleasing a man who couldn’t even be upfront about his wants and needs in the first place. I love the writing, production and vocal arrangements on this joint, so it’s one of my favorite KP jams! Oh, and I see you with the cameo in the video, Terrell Owens!

“As We Lay” The Great Shirley Murdock Remake- I don’t care for too many remakes but if I had a list this one would be in my top three! Not only did she own this song and make it her own, she personified the message in the video that most women- when Shirley released the original and around the time of the remake- failed to comprehend. It wasn’t a song that glorified affairs, as Shirley told us on more than one occasion. It was a song about regret and how the parties involved didn’t think about how their actions hurt others around them. I’ve witnessed, first hand, chicks singing this song like it was gospel to their warped version of a love story. I like that Kelly had Shirley in the video with the message in the beginning saying that “God isn’t going to give you somebody else’s husband”. It was a full-circle message that I’m sure Ms. Murdock wanted to bring to the forefront about one of her biggest hits. Another heavy-hitter cameo from Vivica Fox in the video!

The Whitney Houston Moments– Kelly recalls the story Whitney told her about driving down the Jersey turnpike and hearing “she was a friend of mine…” come through her radio and saying to herself “who is this heffa? I need to get in contact with her!” I WISH NIPPY WAS STILL ALIVE TO CALL ME A HEFFA AND SEEK ME OWT! Heartbreak Hotel will FOREVER be the jam, the cut and the sheeee-it! Whitney, Kelly AND Faith?! GTFOH if you didn’t recognize R&B greatness on that joint.I said get out! I teared up when I saw Whitney in the video (and realized it’s STILL painful to watch her but listening to her is ok). Also, Kelly shared her last moment she spent with Nippy which happened to be thee LAST time the world saw footage of her on this earth. Chile I was dabbing tears from my face- this one STILL HURTS. She truly was the Fairy God Mother to all GREAT singers- not just Brandy. And if Nippy co-signed for Ms. Price then I’m not questioning it one-damn-bit!

“Not My Daddy” with Mint Condition– first off, I literally cheesed so hard in my living room by my lonesome when Stokley appeared on the television, and I actually covered my mouth with my hand like someone else was there to roast me. I heart Mint Condition and their lead singer, Stokley Williams! I’ve met this man and the band members TWICE in one year (and season- summer of 2008 to be exact). So to hear they had a new single out with sangin’ ass Kelly Price means that Stokley put on his good GOOD sangin and MC had to make the song sing as well! They executed it perfectly…especially on the bridge and the breakdown at the end. And the lyrics…baybee!

You’re not my daddy, you’re my man and I think it’s time you understand. So, just make me happy if you can. Ooooh. I’m not your mama, I’m you’re girl. And I am the lady in your world. And lovin’ each other’s how we work. Ooooh.


The songs and the artists she wrote/demo’d for- Y’all don’t understand how badly I would LOVE to hear Kelly Price’s demo of Mary J Blige song “Share My World”…nuff said before I get disrespectful. Check her credentials! Go to AllMusic.com and search her name and look at the list of songs she has writing and producing credits on. And just in case you are still asleep, Kelly is still working- at the top of the list is Kanye’s The Life of Pablo and K. Michelle’s More Issues Than Vogue as far as credits go for 2016. I hate to say this mess but…she is still booked. Come through Kelly Cherelle Price!

It wouldn’t be right unless I mentioned my favorite honorable mention songs: 

“Secret Love”- Soul of A Woman | “It’s Gonna Rain- Life Motion Picture Soundtrack (this song was pure gospel ministry)!

“He Proposed”- Priceless | “Himaholic”- Kelly | “Feels So Good”- Kelly

Get ya jam on and give Kelly Price her just due. Mama earned her right to be an R&B Diva…I’m just sayin’! What are some of your favorite KP jams? What did you think about the Unsung episode? Do you feel like she is truly Unsung or she has more to give? Let’s chop it up in the comments below!


LiLi Sheree