Stevie & Stove Tops: Chicken & Biscuit Bake

In an effort to promote healthier eating habits, cook more and save money on eating out all the time, I decided to start a new Sunday tradition. Every Sunday I am going to play my favorite Stevie Wonder jams (and discover others from his extensively broad catalog of music) and cook a new dish. Hence the title of this post, Stevie & Stove Tops or #StevieAndStoveTops

My favorite pastime is lying in bed watching Tasty videos on auto-play via Facebook. I’ve spent countless hours looking at mouth-watering dishes and saving videos to try “one day”. A couple years and a couple-hundred saved videos later, I decided to actually take a crack at one of the recipes.

Essentially, a chicken & biscuit bake is a different take on a chicken pot pie. It’s one big ass potpie in a casserole dish with canned biscuits as the “pie crust” on top. Honestly, I never would have imagined that biscuits in place of pie crust would be a much heartier and yummier alternative until I made it. I was in the mood for comfort food since it was chilly outside and melancholy inside my household. Nothing was wrong- I was just hungry and bored (lol). Recipe link below.

So I figured Stevie Wonder and cooking would do the trick and it did! This recipe was easy to make and shop for. Also, Kroger rotisserie chicken is flavored just right and super juicy for $6.99. That yard pimp was still hot when I brought him home.

Now, as far as the recipe goes, you know our cousins only use a dash of salt & pepper in their recipes, so I improvised and added garlic powder and smoked paprika and baby…it was seasoned just right. I also substituted almond milk instead of the heavy whipping cream, but I added a bit of cornstarch to thicken up the mixture. The consistency was perfect straight out of the oven but once it settled in, the biscuits started to soak up the leftover juice, so I’m wondering how this is going to turn out once I reheat for leftovers this evening (cross your fingers for me)! If it’s not the same, then I will have to make this with heavy whipping cream next time or try to find a dairy-free alternative.

Overall I was satisfied and went back for seconds. It was essentially like eating creamy chicken and veggie soup with a biscuit on the side, but once I started to cut it up with my spoon and mix it into the bake there were fireworks on my tongue! I saw a recipe on YouTube where the lady whipped up homemade biscuits but I’m not the Pioneer Woman just yet (plus I have to get MeMa or my aunt to show me how she makes her biscuits one day).

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