LiLi Vs. The Lyrics: A Plus’ Pride. Liberty. Detroit.

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Detroit-based vocal & publishing powerhouse duo, A Plus. Both of them are also my friends who I’ve watched blossom in their careers from singers and songwriters to educators and masters of their craft. More than anything I am proud that they have decided to release a masterpiece for the world to indulge in!

Pride. Liberty. Detroit. is a concert-style recording that was done in a matter of three days. The sisters, Antea & Anesha Birchett, recorded raw vocals (Anesha was not a fan of this) while singing each song down in one take. There were no punching of vocals or auto-tuned bells & whistles. Fortunately, no extra twists and turns of nobs were needed because these girls can saaaang!

And to think this album was to fulfill a contractual agreement but you can read more of that in the interview. Pushing all formalities to the side, allow me to walk you through my usual, song-by-song summary list. Let’s go!


Track One: (1:17 AM)

“I never wanna see your face again (perish)!”
For this song to be the album opener, I knew that I was going to hear some wonderfully crafted stories that would be relatable. Telling a negro to perish is a classy level of petty that I intend on using if a fool feels froggy- it’s an incantation to freedom! Think about it: if someone told you to perish you’d be stuck hoping it doesn’t actually happen. Also, the breakdown near the end of the song was an unexpected surprise!
“Get up off me!”

Track Two: Pride Over Me

This cut started off the race as their first single, and is the only song I cringe on just a lil’ bit when I hear it. The cringing has nothing to do with the song because Anesha killed it vocally but the lyrics touch home for myself, as well as Antea who wrote it during a turbulent period of a previous relationship. Not only do I know the backstory behind the lyrics, I know how it feels to have someone choose their pride over the relationship.

“You chose a lie instead of being honest. You broke my heart when you broke your promise. You chose to hide but now I see…you chose pride over me.”
Track Three: Strangers
The second single from the album with an accompanying video (see below). Another joint that speaks a truth that I’ve experienced too many times than I care to admit. The chorus itself sums it all up (and might I add the melodies on the chorus are sweet AF as well as the play on the word ‘stranger’):
“I say that I love you but what does it mean, when I don’t know the man that I see? Are we strangers? Feels like strangers to me. Love’s getting stra-aaa-aaa-aaa-aaa-anger. We’re getting stranger to me.”
Track Four: Bout Dat Life
Serial baby daddies & duffle bag boys? Nah bruh…this ain’t whatchu want!
“I’m not bout that life, so I’mma think twice before I make you mine.”
Track Five: Broke 
We all want to secure a bag, sis!
“I”m sick of being broke. One day I will see just how cool it is to be one of the ones screaming money ain’t a thing…”
Track Six: Thinking About You
This song right here? *sips brown likkuh* It’s definitely a tune to add to the after-hours playlist with you and your boo…or the one you’ve just been wanting to get down with. No judgement. I especially like the tone of their voices which matches the melody perfectly.
“We can quit the games right now, boy let’s get down. We ain’t gotta tell nobody…body…body…”
Track Seven: Liberty
A war cry for total and complete freedom from the pain of love gone awry.
“I wanna be free. I wanna breathe. Why be in love if love’s hurting me? What I want is all my liberty out the arms that keep on holding me.”
Track Eight: World Runs Out
This is what I call a #JammyAssSong. The claps and the shaker will have you shaking something while singing about that good love that sticks around for an eternity.
“If you ask me to, boy I’ll be with you ’til the world runs out. I got you. You got me. Baby that’s enough. You got me. I got you. baby, that’s enough.”
Track Nine: Borrow My Heart
“Temporary love…to the sender he’s returning. Soak and used it up…no regard for all the damage done.”
Been there, done that! No longer loaning my heart out for the love leaches, fckbois and attention hoarders. Stay woke, ladies!
Track Ten: Running
When you don’t feel adequate enough or like your life hasn’t garnered the same success as your peers. Or, maybe you feel like you’ve let your parents down and have become recumbent with your goals? You’re not alone and this song will reassure you of this.
“It’s hard to tell if I’m scared to sing, scared to fly, scared to swim. I panic cuz all I want is to win, make them proud…my parents. And that’s why I’m singing to me…yeeeaaaaaah. Gotta keep on running, now. Go fast as I can.”
Track Eleven: The Other Side
Can we get through the bad side of love and make it to the other side?
“Get away..I escape to the other side with you. We never fight and the feeling’s right on the other side with you. Where love is king, love is everything..let’s go there…”
Track Twelve: Thank You
Some good ol’ fashioned CHUUCH sangin’ on this here song. A triumphant tune to the beat of victory, resilience and gratefulness thanks to a shady lover teaching you self-love. I promise by the end of the song you’ll be stomping, double-clapping and will want to throw a shoe then wrench (I said what I SAID…wrench) in your pocket for an offering!
“Because you didn’t love me and because you didn’t want me, I can say that I’m the woman I am…cuz you hurt me so…”

That’s how you end an album, dammit!!!

Get your copy of Pride. Liberty. Detroit. on all streaming services or come out to their album release at Northern Lights on March 3rd and purchase a signed album! Support and be blessed!

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