Five Reasons Why Day Parties Are the Bees Knees

I live in Michigan, the land of The Nothing so summer is the only season this post applies to. Due to the devil’s snot a.k.a. snow and various other problems that arise when The Great Lakes doesn’t want Detroit to be great, day parties are a luxury instead of a weekend accessory. One day I’ll have my yacht house in Miami and will throw my own daily. Until then, let me share with you why I love a good day party.


1) Because I’m old(er)! If you decide to have an evening event, make sure you plan it the same day as a day party. That ensures I will be good to go around the time you make it to the party because trying to get me out of the house past 9 pm is a major feat. There’s a slightly higher chance that if I’m already out I will stay out.

2) Because day drinking is better! I can get an early buzz and burn it off before I go to sleep sans all that extra sugar in my system. At least that’s what I believe although I haven’t done any research on this so don’t quote me. For me, myself and Irene, it’s a lower chance on waking up with a hangover the next day because I will usually meet my limit around 8 or 9-ish and won’t keep hammering my body with alcohol past that time. Also, The LA Times said day drinking is better…so there’s that.

3) Because I can actually enjoy my evening at home. I know, I know…this makes me seem like someone’s granny but when you’ve spent years roaming the streets hard like moi, eventually staying in some evenings are more solicited than not. Don’t get me wrong- if a friend wants to have a late night birthday turn up then I will be present. I will thug it out and even take that early morning trip to Coney if necessary (because alcohol needs something to assist the soak up). But sometimes being able to come home around 10 or 11 pm on a Saturday night means I can enjoy Netflix or listen to music and dance in the mirror in boy shorts (it’s a thing). The ‘me time’ is extended and enjoyable when I have time to do so.

4) Because partying with the sunshine versus the moonlight makes me happier. I’m especially happier if said partying is on a rooftop where I can enjoy a view or a terrace with beautiful landscaping. You know, the things you can’t enjoy mostly within four walls of a bar or club. And wearing shades is necessary instead of looking like a lame accessory to your outfit in a dark ass night club (I said what I said…fight me).

5) Because I like parking to be available to me as well as a seat. There’s no shame in my game about how bourgeois I’ve become about “clubbing” as I’ve matured. Crowds and a lack of elbow room/ personal space are a major problem for me. Typically, if there isn’t a seating situation (like a booth or table), ya girl isn’t staying long for the party. During day parties this is less of a hassle.

Bonus: Day parties on Sundays are even greater because I don’t have to fight myself about leaving for sleep when it’s a good time. Also, I don’t curse my achy joints and bones the next day for doing the most 6 hours prior to clocking in on Monday morning. I show up hydrated and happy.


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