About LiLi

LiLi (Pronounced Lee Lee) Sheree was born during Hurricane Alicia in Galveston, Texas. From there she was all over the place with her militant military dad until they settled in Prince George’s County, Maryland, affectionately known as PG County. She’s been a southern gal for the majority of her life but the last ten plus years have been rooted in the birth place of her parents and grandparents- Detroit, MI.

A pen and notebook was always her outlet of choice. In middle school she was writing mini-soap operas that her peers passed around in class to read, anticipating the next’s day’s story. By high school she was the Editor of the school paper and on the yearbook committee. Since then LiLi has written numerous songs, blogs and even ventured off into publishing entertainment articles for The Michigan Chronicle.

APLUS = Pride. Liberty. Detroit.

Solange & Tyler The Creator Light Up The Mo Pop Festival

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As a pseudo-native to the heart of the Midwest, affectionately known as “Tha D”, LiLi has participated in the creative scene for over a decade. Penetrating the game with her vocal abilities as a background vocalist for Monica Blaire has led to other ventures such as writing, vocal arranging and BGVs for Ideeyah’s debut solo project Brave, as well as contributing vocally to numerous songs on CoolBeanz’ One Boring Saturday Night.

Aside from vocal and writing abilities, LiLi has served as muse for the internationally-acclaimed artist Sydney G. James and has hosted events, parties and brunch dates, alike. Her hobbies include having a good time and making memories that count!


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